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May 2020

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0 free concerts take place New York City right now! In addition, Club Free Time members get free tickets to the concerts which are not free for general public, but are free for our members: when a producer wants that special buzz of the 'full house' at a concert - Club Free Time members are welcomed for their enthusiasm and sophistication! All they have to do is to login to and make a reservation.

As for the plethora of free concerts which take place in NYC year round, on weekdays and weekends, during lunch time, late afternoons and various evening hours: many people think that free concerts take place in NYC only during Summer, but nothing can be further from the truth.

Here are the numbers so you could see for yourself: about 1000 free concerts take place in NYC from mid-September to the end of May; and about 600 free concerts take place during the three Summer months (that 600 number excludes June's Make Music New York as on that single day more than 400 free concerts take place in NYC to celebrate Solstice).

As the number of free concerts per a summer month almost doubles the number of free concerts per month during other three seasons, you sure hear more about Summer free concerts.

In addition, Summer free concerts get more publicity, as such major popular concert series as New York Philharmoinic in the Parks, Metropolitan Opera Recital Series, Summer Stage and Celebrate Brooklyn all take place during summer months.

In addition, it's of course lots of fun to spend your lunch or your evening listening to the music you love and to picnic along, but your soul needs those nourishing sounds during other seasons as well.  So keep in mind that in New York City you can attend a free concert practically any day of the year, except maybe such major Hollidays as July 4th, Thanksgiving and the Christmas Day.

So please keep in mind that whether it's a weekday or a weekend, a holiday or just a regular day or a weekday night, you can alwasy count on Club Free Time when you want to listen to your favorite music, free of carge.
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In New York City (NYC) you don't have to spend a dime to listen to good music, as free concerts abound in New York whether it is Summer or Winter, Spring or Fall! The variety is really astonishing: classical, jazz, pop, rock, opera, soul, etc. Just take a look at the free concert schedule below.
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