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  • Give a gift of 160 free concerts, 72 free theater performances, 120 free tours, 35 free poetry readings, 43 free talks/lectures, 10 gallery openings, 114 free movies listed on the site right now.
  • In addition to providing info about free culture and entertainment in Manhattan, Club Free Time (CFT) offers its members COMPLIMENTARY and DISCOUNT TICKETS to theater and dance performances, classical and jazz concerts, cabaret, comedy shows, and much more! 4464 CFT Deals last year! 4605 CFT Deals so far this year!

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About Us

Natella Vaidman

Club Free Time was born from the enthusiasm of a new New Yorker for her adopted city...

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Club Free Time has been featured in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal and More Press

My wife and I have been with you probably from your beginnings -- around 1991 or 1992 (?); pl correct me. You were, at that time, paper-based. So far, you have never, ever failed us. We are very grateful for your service. Best regards.

- jean barut | 2018-12-12

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