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Club Free Time Reviews

Covid 19 has kept us out of NYC for most of the last 4 years. We're back for a bit and appreciate the Club in finding wonderful hard to find events in our neighborhood. Thank you!

- Paul & Lynda G., Manhattan | 10/08/2023

I am writing to tell you what a great time I have had attending some of your offerings. Today I viewed the Broadway Show you offered and enjoyed the show immensely. The seats were terrific. I just wanted to you know how much I appreciate your site.

- R. P., Kew Gardens, NYC | 8/27/2023

We just discovered CFT and attended 2 events so far, Mexican Singer ensemble in Bryant Park and the unforgettable play about being with the same soulmate for many decades. Which blew us away! Went out for coffee with 2 new friends after the show, Coffee lasted till midnight!

- B. Y., Manhattan | 8/11/2023

I am close to celebrating my 1 year anniversary with CFT and I'm just elated. You are all amazing in (a) the compilation of daily events and offerings and (b) the seamless ease of ordering online and entry into the theaters. My family, friends and I have been to take a deep dive into the plethora of venues, historic theaters, and concert halls that define NYC! I'm grateful and just want you to know. :)

- J. F., Columbia University, Klingenstein Fellow | 6/11/2023

thank you so much for Club Free Time... I cannot even come close to describe how important my membership is to me. I have been using it and being a member for 35 years. I remember running down to Hudson News to get the booklet and sending away for tickets. Time flies, right? 

- Deborah S. | 12/18/2022

Hello folks, I want to thank you for this incredible service. I’m an actor here in NYC and your offerings have made an incredible contribution to my life! I’m actually getting to see more theatre — to learn and grow and become inspired by the good works of other theatre artists. I’m so grateful for this opportunity. Best wishes to you all,

- Walker J. | 12/04/2022

I so appreciate what you offer us. You make life in NY interesting and affordable!

- Gail D. | 12/02/2022

I have been an avid user of your site for a long time. I have had countless wonderful experiences that I never would have known about without the benefit of my membership -- it's fantastic!

- Elizabeth P., Yale-educated professional musician | 11/14/2022

Dear CFT, As someone who absolutely loves NYC, you have captured the essence of what makes the city so special. I did a two week trial and you have won me over! I'll be signing up for a year membership this week, but more importantly I am looking forward to supporting the arts via the many deals on your platform. Thanks for taking the time to do this. I wish something like this existed for the thousands of restaurants in this city.

- Dean J. F., Manhattan | 8/17/2022

I love club free time it has kept me going through this post pandemic do a smashing job

- Nancy Cohen, NYC | 8/11/2022

U are always offering the most remarkable shows and events. For years I have enjoyed myself thanks to u. But what a kind thing u've just done. Thank u so very much.

- Kathy B., NYC | 8/11/2022

I depend on clubfreetime to bring fun into my life! lol! It's true!

- Gail D. Manhattan | 7/05/2022

I am absolutely delighted! You have created an absolutely wonderful resource. I have never seen anything more convenient about life in NY! How do you manage to collect and organize all this?

- Allen G. | 6/14/2022

Dear Natella, As I've mentioned to you in the past, your service to the public is an important one, and even though we have not been comfortable coming into the city yet, I still want to support your service and efforts. Hopefully we will soon feel comfortable enough to indulge once again and will certainly use Club Free Time as our go to service to find the obscure and entertaining programs we so much enjoyed in the past. Kind regards,

- Mitch Gerard | 4/15/2022

I do not know what I would do in NYC without your fabulous support. It enriches many many lives, ours included...

- Paulina Rosenstein, Manhattan | 2/24/2022

... it was a very special evening. I’m loving my membership! Thank you for making theater so accessible!

- Sophia Amaro, NYC | 2/13/2022

I just want to say that CFT has added more joy to my life (and I’m sure countless others) than you can possibly know. I’ve been to many dozens of shows and you have never disappointed me. Hard to believe, really. Please, please keep up the work.

- Paul K. | 2/11/2022

Dear Club Freetime, Thank you so much! I got the other ticket for Saturday just in time! Love you guys! Thanks so much for finding and making all these wonderful arts, theater, music, dance & cultural events available & affordable to NYer's!!!!! Best Regards,

- Lorraine | 10/28/2021

Dear Natella, ... it is my pleasure and honor to continue my membership as a thanks for all you have done in the past to enable us to enjoy many events in NYC for free or reasonable pricing. You provided a great service and it has always been much appreciated. I have been a member for many years, and feel the need to continue to help you with your business and with the hopes that NYC can recover quickly to resume some normalcy. Kind regards,

- Mitch Gerard | 3/08/2021

Club Free Time has given me entree to the joys of New York!

- Denyse Kapelus, Manhattan | 3/02/2020

Thank you, your website is terrific. I think I’ve been using it summers for 10 yearsk

- Kerry Fitzgerald | 12/25/2019

Just had to share with you – I was at a “Break the Fast” dinner last night with an assortment of guests that didn’t really know each other. The conversation turned to what’s everyone doing in NYC for fun. A woman at the table said she has been with Club Free Time before it was on the internet and absolutely loves it and recommends everyone in NYC join!! Said she gets the best seats and has had some wonderful experiences. I was smiling for you as she was on & on about what a great value and how much fun her family is having with Club Free Time. Hope you get a massive increase in subscriptions this year!!! Keep up all your good work – you are really contributing to the enjoyment of life for so many New Yorkers.

- Rhonda Weinman, NYC | 10/10/2019

My wife and I have been with you probably from your beginnings -- around 1991 or 1992 (?); pl correct me. You were, at that time, paper-based. So far, you have never, ever failed us. We are very grateful for your service. Best regards.

- Jean Barut | 12/12/2018

Once again, I have to say, your staff at Clubfreetime provide the BEST customer service I have encountered in New York City. Thank you so much for making the change for me for the tonight show which I very much look forward to seeing and hopefully reviewing....

- Ellen Szita | 12/06/2018

Once again, thank you for stellar customer service. What a First Class operation you are! I am always amazed as I tell others what joy and satisfaction you have brought me through your offerings, that so many had never heard of you. Certainly I will continue to spread the word! Best regards,

- Ellen Szita | 8/31/2018

I really appreciate everything about Club Free Time: your amazing service, your professionalism and your caring for your customers.

- Natalie Rogers | 5/18/2018

Your amazing, never ending cornucopia of affordable cultural, artistic and entertainment events are the one thing I can count on to make living in New York City the enjoyable and uplifting experience it should always be. Every time I refer a friend to your invaluable service I become an instant hero. But I take no credit. CFT richly deserves the gratitude and ongoing support of your many devoted members and fans. I will always be grateful for your hard work and excellent taste in securing for us the best the metropolitan area has to offer, without breaking the bank. Please keep it coming and never stop.

- David Chester UWS | 4/30/2018

To Everybody at CFT!! Wishing you a Happy- Healthy and Prosperous New Year!! Thank you for making my cultural life so affordable and enjoyable!!

- Sarah Eliya (Suzy) | 1/03/2018

Thank you very much for an incredible year full of great shows. Hope 2018 will be the same, even better.

- Sylvia Rosu | 12/31/2017

I just wanna Thank You guys for the Amazing Job you’re doing. Thank you for letting me to have the chance of enjoying all this great stuff that I couldn’t afford in a million years, but not just for that. Thank You for being so organized, accurate and efficient !!!!!! God bless you and your families. I wish you guys the best in 2018 health, love and prosperity

- Maria Castellanos | 12/28/2017

The venue last night was incredible and the program really really good. I don't know how to thank CFT staff for making my life so much more exciting!

- Marion G., Woodside, NY | 5/06/2017

Wonderful and talented cast, singing and dancing and making us laugh. A show not too miss. Thanks CFT for the free ticket

- E. M., Forest Hills, NY | 5/04/2017

Hello Club Free Time — Thank you for doing what you’re doing. I just love my subscription and have told everyone about it for years and years. I learned about it on my way to work. As I stepped into Central Park, Strawberry Fields, someone handed me a “Club Free Time” paper brochure (before you had a website) and it changed my life forever, and the life of my family as we homeschooled our kids after we had them...

- Vanessa N. | 1/17/2017

Thank you so much for offering free tickets to the opera last night. I had a wonderful seat and the music was sublime. It was a little slice of heaven.

I was a member of Club Free Time many years ago. It was a blissful experience. I would plan my weekends in advance. My only problem was that sometimes there were two or three wonderful things offered at the same time and I had to choose. I would start my Saturdays and Sundays at the first event offered and often not finish my day until 11:00 that night. For many years after I retired I was babysitting for my wonderful grandchildren and I found my weekends full with family life. Now I have rejoined your club as I have more time for myself and life is short . Besides, Club Free Time is the best deal in town!

- Barbara Doig, New York City | 10/18/2015

You guys are great. I was previously in [one of our competitors]. Though they did on rare occasion have Broadway shows, you could only get those if you checked constantly. Your site has an excellent selection, low monthly/annual price, more shows, more tickets per show and a better refund policy. Also the free event listing is a big plus. Thanks again for the great product and great service.

- David I. | 8/06/2015

Dear Natella, I wish to take this moment to thank you for your fine effort in creating Club Free Time. Today, Sunday, as I attended a program of chamber music. It dawned on me that a) I would not have known about this event prior and b) The genuine synergy of appreciation between musician and audience, both during and after the program, was truly heartfelt by all. As a musician, I can understand this aspect. c) To let you know my appreciation. So I guess my point is that much beyond the filling of seats, and savings to members, the true essence of sharing culture and performance, lends great joy to the human experience, which in this case was made possible by you! Thank you Natella. With Warm regards,

- Anthony P. | 3/15/2015

Dear Club Free Time, I was a keen member of the club during my year in New York. I've left the city and returned to Europe mid-june... I'd like to thank you for all the great moments I've spent in musicals, concerts, parks... thanks to the club's programme - THANK YOU!

- Petra Sigrist | 7/07/2014

I just want to inform you that the last 2 performances I attended--the one at the Merkin Hall and the one the Church of Transfiguration--were superb! In both concerts, the performers were young brilliant virtuosi that I would not have known about if I did not get complimentary tickets from Club Free Time!

- Azriel B. | 5/23/2014

Hi! WOW! Joined yesterday, used your complimentary tickets to go to that off-Broadway show last evening. It was wonderful! Looking forward to a busy retirement. My dog is hoping for a dog friendly event or two, he can only watch so many Turner Classic movies...

- Bill S. | 4/24/2014

thank you so much for the terrific service Club Free Times provides. Not only do I get to marvelous events that do not break the bank, but so many of these evens I would never even know about if it were not for Club Free Time. Keep up the good work.

- Nadine Ellman | 3/18/2014

Club Free Time is one of the best deals I have ever made .For several months now I have been enjoying the most wonderful entertainment at a fraction of the original price. I have the highest admiration for your ability to run such a professional and beneficial business...

- Natalie H Rogers | 3/18/2014

Dear CFT, We appreciate the membership privileges and your amazing work to make this city even more exciting to live in.

- Rex M. | 1/19/2014

I want to let you know that I start my every day by checking and I plan my day around it. I do it before I brush my teeth! After 40 years away from New York, I returned with the intent to attend every cultural event I could find but I was constrained by being on a retiree's fixed income. I had the wonderful luck to discover which allowed me to pursue my dream life within my financial means. Thank you, clubfreetime! I am deeply grateful to you.

- Susan N., Manhattan | 10/19/2013

Dear Natella -- I cannot tell you how happy I am to have found Club Free Time. Since joining last November I have attended 23 events and we were away most of December through February. THANK YOU, THANK YOU SO MUCH for bringing Club Free Time to us.

- Sandra Galimidi, | 4/13/2013

Dear CFT, I'm enjoying my CFT membership immensely and am so grateful that CFT has provided me many opportunities to enjoy NYC more than ever. It's so good to be a New Yorker and be able to discover and share unexpected treasures. Thanks to you and your terrific team for making NYC so much more exciting for us members!

- Maria Eden, | 4/01/2013

Thanks Natella! You are always so amazingly prompt and courteous with reply. We love the Club! and you!

- Cortland J., | 3/13/2013

Last Christmas, I bought a membership to Club Free time for my Mom. It has been the most fabulous experience. Thank you for making my mom so happy!

- Avery J., | 12/06/2012

I just want to say that I've been a clubfreetime member almost immediately after moving here 9 years ago and it is hands down the best event site in the city. I've told many friends about it and have had many unforgettable experiences through it. Your company provides an incredible service to patrons like myself and I'm very grateful!

- Andy L., | 10/17/2012

I can't thank you enough for your organization and what you do to make so many performances available to so many people. I actually work in the arts (at an acting school here in NY and for a small not-for-profit organization) and I have been able to attend so many performances that I would not have been able to attend had it not been for Club Free Time. I have told countless people what a great organization it is and well run it is. I just wanted to thank you again for all that you do.

- Don A., | 8/28/2012

Dear Club freeTime Team,
Thanks to your contribution, my family left NYC having an extraordinary experience. The show was amazing like every other show I had received complementary tickets from you.

- I have no words. Definitely thank, thank you, than | 8/20/2012

Dear Natella,
I'm a French visitor in NYC for a few weeks , flying back to France next Monday, reason why I canceled my subscription to Club Freetime.
Let me tell you that I enjoyed a lot to be a Freetime member , you provided me many and so various opportunities to participate to a lot of events, visits, concerts, films, opera in a Library,shows, etc...that NY is offering every day and I would'nt have be informed without you. For free, or a few dollars !!! I told it to many friends... You make me feel a very New Yorker.
I used to spend a couple of months every year in NYC and I plan to subscribe when I'll be back. I am surprised to know you take care of each one of your subscribers.

- My best, Marie Dominique du Lac, | 6/23/2012

Dear Natella,
Thank you for all you do in finding these complimentary tickets for members. Between the daily free event listings and CFT deals, you've given me more pleasure than I can express. I'm happy for this chance to make known my deepest gratitude. You are a godsent.

- Most sincerely, Beth Gordon | 6/18/2012

I love being a member of this site. It's the best for a New Yorker at heart. With appreciation,

- Diane Biblow, | 5/19/2012

Re: a concert at Lincoln Center: I come into the city one day a week from Central Jersey to volunteer ... Club Free Time has given me some wonderful opportunities to take in concerts, recitals, plays, etc. that I would not otherwise know about and to invite friends to join me, without having to spend a lot of money. I don't often get tickets for something on other days, but for something this worthwhile I didn't mind taking the long trip in. Club Free Time is well worth the few dollars that it costs to subscribe.

- Sandra D., | 4/23/2012

You are amazing. Have no idea how you do what you do but it is truly incredible. Had never heard of your Club until given to me as a gift by family from Los Angeles!

- Jessup C., | 3/25/2012

Dear Ms Vaidman!
Thank you so much for your work! I used to think NY was just an overpriced, overpopulated, dirty city but thanks to I've discovered a beautiful, rich in culture, artistic side of it, and all at affordable rate!!! Thank you!

- Timur U., | 3/19/2012

Natella, I have returned to my home city, for now, of Chicago and back to my busy schedule. However, I do want to take time to acknowledge how thankful I am for all you do for NYC and its cultural events. I thoroughly enjoyed my 3 weeks there and in large measure you played a very important role in providing me with that possibility. Of course it goes without saying that the price is right, but even as important is the fact that you are a wonderful source for learning about all that is taking place in that amazing city... I took advantage of many concerts, Weill, Carnegie, Alice Tully, Merkin as well as readings at the Library, and The Art Lectures down at Pace. At each opportunity I introduced to friends your organization and they all fell in love with it. I will certainly join again for the summer when I return to NYC.

- Patricia P., | 3/07/2012

I love your website and love the way you do business! You gave me an extra month a while back when there was some problem with PayPal... I like your style!

- Kerry F., | 3/01/2012

Thank you for providing such an incredible service! We are newly retired and relocated to Riverdale to fulfill our dream of living in NYC and taking advantage of as much of what it offers as our budget can accommodate. CfT has just extended our budget an almost unimaginable amount.

- L.J., | 2/29/2012

Dear Ms. Vaidman,
Twenty something years ago I was a subscriber to the Free Time newspaper. Time and circumstances have kept me from things cultural in NY until recently. Luckily I came across this website, and thought your name seemed familiar. I feel like I have been reacquainted with an old friend after many years. It's a great website ... a far cry from the old newspaper. My, how you have progressed! Keep up the good work! Regards,

- Wayne M., | 1/29/2012

Dear Natella,
I just wanted to say THANK YOU for the complimentary tickets to Oct. 17th concert! I have never experienced anything like that ,they were magnificent, it just kept getting better and better, the pianist was superb. They got standing ovations, continued performing long after the concert had ended ,it was thrilling ...

- Kenneth G., | 10/21/2011

I want to tell you that October 15th concert to which I got complimentary tickets through Club freeTime, was one of the most beautiful experiences of my life, without exaggeration. The pianist was unbelievable. I kept wondering if she would play any Chopin. I looked at the program a few times, as though the letters would rearrange themselves somehow. I had a feeling she would. And she played my favorite nocturne as her encore... beautiful! I have really become a huge fan of your project and what you do. Thank you for making it possible for me to enjoy so much of New York.

- Mojdeh R., | 10/21/2011

Dear Natella,
Thank you for the complimentary tickets to October 17th concert! It was a fantastic concert. The Weinberg was new to me, but very enjoyable. The Prokofiev was well played but the balance between the orchestra and solist was off in the forte portions of the first and third movements. The solist was drowned out in those passages. The Tschaikovsky was something else. I have never heard a better brass section anywhere. They played as if they were one instrument. The woodwind solists were also very good, espeically the bassoon solo in the third (or was it the fourth) movement. The timpanist was exceptional. Great precision and sensitivity (perhaps because it was a woman).

- Paul G., | 10/21/2011

Even though I spend 8 months a year in Montana, it's worth it to me to have such a comprehensive database at my fingertips when I'm here, in NYC. From Dizzy's at Lincoln Center to lectures at Parson's and street fairs in Brooklyn, CFT is NYC's virtual hipster. .

- Claire B., | 9/28/2011

Dear Natella
I would like to say that your site is wonderful . For me as a tourist it was a big help as I could go to unique places that nobody else knew about.... and of course enjoy.

- Dorit, Israel, | 5/26/2011

Hi Natella,
Such an incredible deal! I rarely feel I can afford the Ballet, nor do I want to go to high school recitals to get my fill. This exclusive offer took my breath away. Getting to see ALL of the major companies in the Tri-State area (and beyond!) perform at such an amazingly high level--and at such a ridiculously low price (only a resrevation fee)--made me grateful (yet again) to be a New Yorker. What a treat and privilege.
You guys are part of a ton of my most memorable experiences when I first got to NYC, lonely and scraping away. I learned about classical music by hearing it at Carnegie Hall--because of YOU, for goodness sakes!

- Christy M. | 3/24/2011

Thanks for the yesterday's Ballet Gala!! The evening was just wonderful. Each presentation was superb. The awards recipients was extremely gracious. Thanks for the experience and thanks for the opportunity to dress-up and to look elegant.

- Janice M., | 3/23/2011

"Love your club! I signed up less than two weeks agao and already have seen an off-Broadway Show, a documentary, and scheduled to attend two events at New School Arts Festival, as well as a Broadway musical theater event. Thanks, and keep up the good work!"

- Mark Butler, | 3/23/2011

"We had a wonderful time last night at Carnegie Hall...ditto last Monday's performance at CH. Just these two concerts make the whole year's membership worthwhile...."

- Susan Winters, Manhattan, | 3/08/2011

"Hello Natella! Thank you and Clubfreetime again:) Im so glad that one day I was bored, did some research and found this site: I really enjoy every single event that I attend. ..."

- VICTORIA (Viculya) M., Manhattan, | 2/18/2011

"I just wanted to let you know that the two music performances I attended at Carnegie Hall with complimentary tickets from you guys were fantastic. Both were absolutely wonderful and the seats were incredible! You cannot beat the first row! Thank you so much for this wonderful experience..."

- TC, Manhattan, | 11/19/2010

Hello Natella, I will be traveling to London and the Netherlands (my home country). And so I was wondering if perhaps you have any "connections" in those countries? I understand if you are not familiar or have no dealings with those territories but thought I'd try my luck, you certainly cover the New York area rather brilliantly.

- Joost de Quack, | 11/18/2010

"Thank you so much for your service! When I go back to NYC, I will definitely be using it again; it was the main source that helped me not only to explore the city in ways I would not be able to alone, but more importantly, it sparked my love for the city, and for that, I'm grateful!"

- Sandy Kim | 8/26/2010

"Thank you, Natella. I'm a new member to Club free Time and I am utterly impressed with the events posted and had no clue when signing up that free tickets to events / performances would be offered. I am delighted!"

- Jeanette, | 6/25/2010

Hello Natella, Last week I took a friend to "All-Prokofiev ... "; at Carnegie Hall using the complimentary tickets Club freeTime provided. May I just say it was an absolutely incredible evening .... first, we were seated FRONT ROW! and found ourselves treated to an evening of fantastic music and high caliber performances, and with great variety, as if it was for us alone, in private. We could see the water droplets on some of the performers' foreheads and observe the wiggling of their toes through their shoes, as well as the snapping of several of the violinist bow's many strings, indications of the passion expressed throug their instruments.; All I can say is WOW and thank you, afterwards we both agreed the evening did and will continue to stand out as one of the top 5 best performances we've ever seen. We were simply in awe and felt honored to have been extended the opportunity to experience this rare and fantistic evening of artistry. As we were leaving the theatre we ran into one of the few dancers; he too expressed his appreciation for having been part of this short-lived ensemble. As we stepped outside it began to snow ..... Perfection! Thank you!"

- Joost de Quack | 2/17/2010

"I really think you are performing a very useful function for three important groups: the audiences who want reasonable ticket prices, the theater owners who want to fill seats and the performers who want a bigger audience. So you can count me as a big fan of yours! Keep up the good work."

- Claus W. Hirsch | 6/14/2009

The Club freeTime site is so great: both the free stuff and the drastic discounts. Keep it up!!!

- John Philpit, Yale | 4/30/2009

"The Club freeTime site is so great: both the free stuff and the drastic discounts. Keep it up!!!"

- John Philpit, Yale, | 4/30/2009

"I most recently moved back to Chicago after living in NY for 8 months. Being a mid-westerner (Aurora,IL) NY was amazing and perfectly confusing. was a great source that saved me from evenings only understood by newbies in the Big Apple. Now that I'm back I'm wondering if your company offer services for the Chicago land area."

- Kehinde Hart, | 4/28/2009

"Year after year, you keep on doing such a wonderful job. Glad to know you're still on it!, and even getting better."

- Albert Gordon; Stephentown, NY; | 4/01/2009

i had a date thursday night and wanted something cool and original, and i found it on clubfreetime (traditional irish music concert). by the way, i got major points, so thanks!!"

- David B.; | 12/07/2008

"Hi Natella, I never heard of Club Free Time until the other day. Perhaps you paid Google some money to get your name higher on the list. Anyway, I love you. I have often thought that no one gets it all. All the visitor center sites, all the commercial sites, all the media sites -- no one has all the events. Then I bump into you. You have made me very happy. Cheers, Bob!"

- Neuman, Robert; | 12/02/2008

"Thank you for Club Free Time picks. We attended the Hungarian Film you picked. It was wonderful!"

- Regina, | 9/26/2008

"Your special offers, like the candleight concert, are super--thank you!"

- Ronald Buchheim, | 4/02/2008

"Hi Natella,
I can't tell you how much Club freeTime has broadened me. Just in the last couple months I've seen so much amazing stuff and I'm doing more interesting things that any of the people I know. I tell everyone about your amazing site."

- Christy Meyer, | 2/20/2008

"...the concert was extraordinary. Thanks to your website a lot more happy people take wonderful memories going back home."

- Cristina Onea, New York, | 9/25/2007

"...One of your latest announcements caused me to go to my first Club freeTime event: the photo exhibit opening at the Scandinavia House. It was an excellent exhibition and I never would have known about it unless you mentioned it."

- Claus Hirsch, | 9/15/2007

"I really love the site - I wish I'd found it 4 years ago when I first moved here!"

- Phyl Monroe, | 3/30/2007

" Thank you for all the wonderful events you tell me about. It certainly adds to my enjoyment of living here."

- Royce Rowe | 3/01/2007

I love your site. I am currently planning my 3rd vacation using your site as a guide.

- Matthew Narajka | 2/07/2006

Dear Natella, just want to tell you how much I am impressed with your site. It is very informative and very easy to navigate. I have found info, that not only I am interested, but my son also

- Bela BHERSHKOWITZ, Yonkers, NY | 6/27/2005

Club freeTime is the best resource I found after searching for many years. Your events are enjoyable, intellectual and the best. Thank you.

- Eileen Makler, Manhattan, NY | 2/05/2004

Thank ya for adding lots of gig to my life

- Frank Bamberger, Flushing, NY | 8/21/2003

Natella - Hi! When I discovered your web site last year, I was thrilled! We joined and went to a set of plays by women playwrights, a master class for Julliard students, a seminar with Albert Ellis, a showing of experimental videos, and whatever I'm forgetting - all in one visit

- Corinne | 1/04/2003

I have enjoyed my membership in Club freeTime greatly. You have the most interesting and unique event listings and opportunities in New York!

- Emmett Pickett | 9/29/2002

I don't get a chance to go to many of the items that I would like to go to, but the ones I have gone to have more than made getting CfT worth its while.

- Israel David Fishman | 8/07/2002

Dear Natella,
Thank you so much for helping to get back to normal!

- L. Singh, Manhattan | 12/05/2001

Dear Natella:
What a great job you are doing! Your ability to find high-quality free events is phenomenal. I used to get most of my outings ideas from Time Out NY. Now Club freeTime is my number one consultant when it comes to 'impulsive entertainment.' Free of trivial articles and unnecessary artwork, Club freeTime is extremely efficient in delivering the very gist of the best of the values in New York recreational and cultural scenes. CfT Deals alone make worth joining! Thanks again for great service!

- Oleg Geller, Brooklyn | 6/29/2001

Dear Natella:
Just a note to let you know how much we enjoy Club freeTime. This is our "Bible" for the month. We mark it off -- and off we go. To some of the most interesting, informative and exciting events in NYC. Thank you very much for hundreds of wonderful lectures, musical performances, etc. we started with you and it has turned out to be an incredible journey. Thank you.

- Mary and Walter Grancher, Manhattan | 6/13/2001

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