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July 2024

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Should you have other questions about Club Free Time, please emails them to and we will be happy to answer each and every of them.
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The quality and quantity of
free events,
free things to do
that happen in New York City
every day of the year
is truly amazing.

So don't miss the opportunities
that only New York provides:
stop wondering what to do;
start taking advantage of
free events to go to,
free things to do in NYC

Club Free Time FAQs

 Q: What type of services Club Free Time provides (what is in it for me?)
A: Club Free Time provides two types of services:
- it gives you information about free cultural events in New York City (Manhattan mostly);
- it gives you an opportunity to reserve complimentary tickets to events which are not free at all: off-Broadway (and sometimes Broadway) shows, classical music concerts, jazz and dance performances, etc; those events are marked as CFT Deals;
 Q: How many people the membership is good for?
A: Once you know about a free event and its location, you can go by yourself, with your friends/family, etc. In that sense Club Free Time provides the same service as a magazine or a newspaper do. Paying for membership is like buying a newspaper/magazine on a newsstand or paying for a newspaper/magazine subscription.
As for taking advantage of our complimentary tickets offerings, a Club Free Time member is entitled to reserving up to 5 complimentary tickets to a CFT Deal (depending on a Deal) as long as the supply lasts.
 Q: Complimentary tickets for off Broadway (and sometimes Broadway) shows, classical music concerts, jazz sessions, dance performances, etc. -- how is that possible?
A: We are able to obtain complimentary tickets for CFT members when a show/concert has some unsold seats and the producers would like to create that magical "full house" feel. In addition, by making complimentary tickets available to a limited and exclusive group of people, a production can generate “buzz” and develop word-of-mouth without compromising the sale of full price tickets.
Complimentary Tickets

to shows, concerts ... (CFT Deals!)

Musical | A Musical, Finding Strengh in Overcoming Tragedy

Regular Price: $64
CFT Member Price: $0.00

Performance | Variety Show

Regular Price: $44
CFT Member Price: $0.00
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