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Reading | Campaigning for Women's Rights: Fighting Against Fascism

Wednesday, March 16, 2022, 7:30 pm


Remembering social scientist and union organizer Kathe Leichter 80 years after her murder by the Nazis. Featuring a reading by Jeannie Im and Gregorij von Leitis and a music performance by soprano Alexis Rodda and pianist Dan Franklin Smith

Born in 1895, Kathe Leichter was one of the first Austrian women to get a doctorate in national economics. In addition to her studies, she worked as an educator of working-class children. Those experiences and the revolution after the First World War politicized her. She committed all her energy to the workers' movement and fought for the emancipation and equal treatment of female workers.

When the Austro-Fascists banned the Social Democratic Party in 1934, Kathe and her husband, the journalist Otto Leichter fled to Switzerland with their two sons Heinz and Franz. After a short while they returned to Austria and fought in the illegal underground union movement. After the so-called Anschluss in March 1938, Otto Leichter immediately fled to Switzerland. Kathe Leichter stayed back in Vienna and was arrested in May 1938. Both sons escaped and reunited with their father in Paris. While Kathe was in prison waiting to be tried, her husband kept a diary writing letters to his wife that were never sent. At the end of 1939, Kathe Leichter was deported to the Ravensbruck concentration camp. On March 17, 1942 she was gassed in the Nazi killing facility Bernburg.

The memoirs and letters of Kathe Leichter and the diary of her husband Otto paint an impressive picture of a courageous woman who remained unbendingly true to her ideals until the end. Kathe's sister and brother-in-law, the composers Vally and Karl Weigl, found a safe haven in the US. Selections of their music help recreate the cultural atmosphere that shaped the lives of the liberal Jewish communities in Austria and Central Europe until the Holocaust brutally destroyed them.

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New York City ( NYC )
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