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October 2022

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Are you looking for free things to do in New York City (NYC) on October 10, 2022?

6 free events take place on Monday, October 10 in New York City. Don't miss the opportunities that only New York provides! Exciting, high quality, unique and off the beaten path free events and free things to do take place in New York today, tonight, tomorrow and each day of the year, any time of the day: whether it's a weekday or a weekend, day or night, morning or evening or afternoon, December or July, April or November! These events will take your breath away!

New York City (NYC) never ceases to amaze you with quantity and quality of its free culture and free entertainment. Check out October 10 and see for yourself. Summer or Winter, Spring or Fall! Just click on any day of the calendar above and you'll find most inspiring and entertaining free events to go to and free things to do on each day of October . Don't miss the opportunities that only New York provides!

Some events take place all year long: same day of the week, same time there are there for you to take advantage of. One of the oldest free weekly events in Manhattan is Dixieland Jazz with the Gotham Jazzmen, which happen at noon every Tuesday. Another example of an event that you can attend all year round on weekdays is Federal Reserve Bank Tour, which takes place every week day at 1 pm (but advanced reservations are required). You can take at least 13 free tours every day of the year, except the New Year Day, July 4th, and the Christmas Day. If you are classical music afficionado, you can spend whole day in New York going from one free classical concert to another. If you love theater, then New York gives you an option to attend plays and musicals free of charge, or at deep discount. You just need to have information about it. And we are here to make that information available to you.
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6 free things to do in New York City (NYC) on Monday, October 10, 2022

All events are free unless otherwise noted.

Fair | Street Fair

Free fun for the whole family, including arts, crafts, antiques, plants, entertainment, games, and more.
   New York City, NY; NYC
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10:00 am
Fairs, October 10, 2022, 10/10/2022, Street Fair

Workshop | Tai Chi Class

Fitness in the garden.
   New York City, NY; NYC
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10:30 am
Pay whsat you...
Workshops, October 10, 2022, 10/10/2022, Tai Chi Class

Poetry Reading | Readings from Jerzy Ficowski's Everything I Don't Know (in-person and online)

A presentation of the first book-length selection in English of the poetry of renowned Polish poet Jerzy Ficowski (1924-2006). Recently published by World Poetry Books and selected as the winner of the 2022 PEN Award for Poetry in Translation, the volume has been lauded by poet and translator Matthew Zapruder as "a marvel in its weird clarity and extraordinary range of styles and subjects." The event, moderated by Chris Caes, Lecturer in Polish, will feature translators Jennifer Grotz and Piotr Sommer, who will present and read from their translations of Ficowski's poetry.
   New York City, NY; NYC
4:15 pm
Poetry Readings, October 10, 2022, 10/10/2022, Readings from Jerzy Ficowski's Everything I Don't Know (in-person and online)

Lecture | Architectural Models as Ethical Agents (in-person and online)

The term "model behavior" is commonly used to describe good social skills. Conceptual models, study models, section models, and presentation models are givens in the practice and production of architecture, but the role of the architectural model in projecting or eliciting social behavior is seldom considered. At a moment when models in other disciplines - such as climate change and COVID models - are clearly affecting social behavior, how do architectural models reflect those changes or contribute to changing behaviors? The claim argued in this lecture is that a model is an agent, like a chemical agent, that has effects on proximate things in the world. Because those effects can be good or bad, a model's ethical behavior, like that of a human, should always be subject to judgment. The case is made on the basis of an investigation of model prisons. A discussion following the lecture will be moderated by Sylvia Lavin. This event is presented in conjunction with the exhibition Model Behavior. Speaker Annabel Jane Wharton, William B. Hamilton Professor of Art History, Duke University, received her Ph.D. at the Courtauld Institute, London University.
   New York City, NY; NYC
6:30 pm
Lectures, October 10, 2022, 10/10/2022, Architectural Models as Ethical Agents (in-person and online)

Dance Performance | Dance Works-in-Progress

A free, high visibility low-tech forum for experimentation, emerging ideas, and works-in-progress held in the Fall and Spring seasons. Artists are selected by a rotating committee of peer artists Featuring: x, Evvie Allison, Stuart B Meyers
   New York City, NY; NYC
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7:00 pm
Dance Performances, October 10, 2022, 10/10/2022, Dance Works-in-Progress
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